Kiwi Author Pen Pals: What is it all about?

A new initiative has come to Aotearoa, spearheaded by author and bookstore owner Kate B. Gordon. The Sapling puts a few questions to Kate to tell us what it’s all about. What is the Kiwi Authors Pen Pal programme? Kiwi…

Book List: Starting School

The jump from kindy, kĊhanga, daycare, or home to SCHOOL can be quite a leap. Former Sapling co-editor, and mother of two kids who have started school in recent memory, Thalia Kehoe Rowden, has read a hundred First-Day-of-School books and…

Book Quiz: School and Education in Books

New Zealand schools have been back for a month now. How’s your knowledge of fictional schools, teachers and classrooms in Aotearoa literature? Test yourself, share with a friend, and let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you do! 1….