Book Quiz: School and Education in Books

New Zealand schools have been back for a month now. How’s your knowledge of fictional schools, teachers and classrooms in Aotearoa literature?

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1. Which of these is not a club that springs up during the frenzy at Lolly Leopold’s school in Clubs: A Lolly Leopold Story, by Kate De Goldi and Jacqui Colley (Trapeze)?

A. The Harry Potter Club

B. The Grass-Growing Spectators’ Club

C. The Marvellous Margaret Mahy Club

D. The Kitten Club

2. Which of the children is the best hippo-spotter in the west on the school trip in That’s Not a Hippopotamus! by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis (Gecko Press)

A. Lilah

B. Lili’uokulani

C. Li

D. Liam

3. In The Mapmakers’ Race, by Eirlys Hunter, illustrated by Kirsten Slade (Gecko Press), which skills are the Santander children experts in, though they’ve never gone to school?

A. Map-making, horse-breeding, mountain-climbing

B. Map-making, mathematics, psychic flight

C. Map-making, cooking, economics

D. Map-making, astronomy, tuba

4. In Margaret Mahy’s The Changeover, Sorenson Carlisle holds what position at Laura’s school?

A. Principal

B. PE teacher

C. Prefect

D. Potions Master

5. Sofia competes in what school event, over the course of Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith’s Dawn Raid (Scholastic)?

A. Netball tournament

B. Kapa Haka festival

C. Maths contest

D. Speech competition

6. Which of these is an acclaimed novel by Barbara Anderson?

A. Boys’ High

B. St Catherine’s

C. Awatapu College

D. Girls’ High

7. Which character does Alex Archer play in the school production, in Alex in Winter by Tessa Duder?

A. The Cowardly Lion

B. The Tin Man

C. The Scarecrow

D. Dorothy

8. What is the name of LJ Ritchie’s book where characters hack a school surveillance system?

A. Closed, Stranger

B. Secret Sacrament

C. Like Nobody’s Watching

D. Brainjack

9. In Betty and Alan Gilderdale’s The Little Yellow Digger Goes to School (Scholastic), what is the digger needed for?

A. To dig a hole for a swimming pool

B. To dig a hole for a clubhouse

C. To dig a stuck teacher free

D. To give all the kids a turn at driving a digger

10. In Te Kaihanga Māpere (Huia), by Sacha Cotter, illustrated by Josh Morgan and translated by Kawata Teepa, what craze is sweeping the area?

A. Elastics

B. Marbles

C. Knucklebones

D. Bullrush


1. C. The Margaret Mahy Club

2. D. Liam

3. B. Map-making, mathematics, psychic flight

4. C. Prefect

5. D. Speech competition

6. D. Girls’ High

7. B. The Tin Man

8. C. Like Nobody’s Watching

9. A. To dig a hole for a swimming pool

10. B. Marbles