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Book Reviews: Five Aotearoa Non-Fiction Books

The environment, conservation, and an Olympic athlete feature in five of Aotearoa’s newest non-fiction books, as lead editor Linda Jane Keegan tells us in this latest batch of reviews. Sylvia and the Birds by Johanna Emeney and Sarah Laing Sylvia…

Book Awards: junior fiction finalists

Where do we usually get our recommendations for books to read? The bookshop, of course. We’ve asked people from five bookshelves to sell us our stunning array of junior fiction titles. Tunnel of Dreams, by Bernard Beckett (Text Publishing, 2020)…

Book Reviews: New Non-Fiction from Aotearoa

Author Linda Jane Keegan reviews two new non-fiction titles from Aotearoa; the first looks at our changing climate, and the second at the history of our country. Inside Bubble Earth – Climate Change, by Des Hunt (OneTree House) I must…

THE SAMPLING: Inside Bubble Earth – Climate Change

Your favourite former science/technology teacher turned eco-fiction writer Des Hunt is back with a new title, Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change – a fantastic illustrated non-fiction resource all about climate change and the consequences of human actions. Feast your eyes on this excerpt from the book.

THE SAMPLING: Answering to the Caul

Ted Dawe’s latest novel was released in paperback format last spring – and now, you can get your hands on it in ebook form, for teen and adult readers everywhere.

Business as unusual for S. Taranaki libraries

South Taranaki Librarians have been running online events with some of our favourite New Zealand authors. Pamela Jones writes about how their libraries have been responding to their patrons unique needs in unusual times. As Librarians our mission and purpose…

Book Awards: the Junior Fiction finalists

As the next instalment in our coverage of this year’s NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, we asked the five finalists of the Wright Family Foundation Esther Glen Award for Junior Fiction to interview each other. Here’s Philippa…

Interview with Des Hunt: To Trap a Thief

Fossils, e-bikes, sci-fi movies, teenage hoons, an abandoned mine, step-grandparents, a big Lotto win in a small kiwi town and one of the craziest roadtrips in a giant campervan you’ll ever read about – it’s all here in Des Hunt’s…

Book List: NZ Junior Fiction v The World

Author Sue Copsey explores the world of New Zealand Junior Fiction, discovering plenty of titles that are just as good as the internationals. Our bestseller lists for kids’ books can make frustrating reading if you’re a New Zealand children’s author….

THE SAMPLING: 1918: Broken Poppies

1918: Broken Poppies is the fifth and final book in Scholastic NZ’s ‘Kiwis at War’ series, which commemorates New Zealand’s involvement in the First World War. Author Des Hunt based this book on the experiences of two of his uncles who fought in WWI.