Book Design

PANZ Book Design Awards Finalists 2023: Children’s Books

Design is a huge part of what makes good books even better. Design is not just about looking pretty; it’s about guiding the reader’s eye, drawing attention to key features, making text readable, digestible, and accessible. Good design is almost…

Picture Book Design, the Unsung Hero

Our editor, Jane Arthur, looks into what goes into designing a picture book, and talks with the illustrator and designer of the new release from Huia Publishers, The Bomb|Te Pohū, written by Sacha Cotter. Usually, the cover of a picture…

Across the Ditch: Freya Blackwood Chases Rabbits

Children’s book designer Vida Kelly has worked with Freya Blackwood at various times throughout Freya’s career as an illustrator. This wonderful interview is part of our ‘Across the Ditch’ series. Freya Blackwood is a multi award-winning children’s author and illustrator….