Quiz: Booklovers Awards 2024

The 2024 Booklovers Awards shortlist has just been announced. How much do you know about this year’s shortlisted titles, authors, and categories? Rack your brains with our first quiz of the year, focused on all things Booklovers Awards-related!

Clockwise, from bottom left: Author/illustrator duo Josh Morgan and Sacha Cotter; Before George by Deborah Robertson; Lucy and the Dark by Melinda Szymanik, Catch a Falling Star by Eileen Merriman, David Hill


1. This year’s Booklovers Award for Best Junior Fiction Book and Best Young Adult Fiction Book is sponsored by which independent bookstore?

A. Chicken and Frog

B. Aotearoa Books

C. The Children’s Bookshop

D. The Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore

2. From the Best YA Fiction Book category, Tessa Duder’s historical fiction novel is called The ________?

A. Falcon

B. Sparrow

C. Tūī

D. Blackbird

3. Which of the following titles is NOT part of the Junior Fiction shortlist?

A. Below, by David Hill

B. Lopini the Legend, by Feana Tu’akoi

C. Children of the Rush (Book 2), by James Russell

D. Before George, by Deborah Robertson

4. From the Best Children’s Picture Book category, Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan’s book is called…

A. Dazzlehands

B. Razzmatazz

C. Jazz Hands

D. Razzle Dazzle

5. Deborah Robertson’s Before George features which New Zealand disaster?

A. The sinking of the Wahine

B. The Rainbow Warrior bombing

C. The Christchurch earthquakes

D. The Tangiwai disaster

6. David Hill has written over 50 titles—and counting! Which of these books is NOT by him?

A. See Ya, Simon

B. Right Where it Hurts

C. Ash Arising

D. My Brother’s War

7. What is unique about Philippa Werry’s novel Iris and Me?

A. It is written in verse

B. It is a graphic novel

C. It is in second person

D. It is bilingual

8. There are five categories total at the Booklovers Awards, two of which are not focused on children’s books. These are for Best Adult Fiction Book, and…

A. Best Photography Book

B. Best Lifestyle Book

C. Best Graphic Novel

D. Best Fantasy Novel

9. Who won the 2023 award for the Best Young Adult Fiction Book?

A. Kate De Goldi, with Eddy, Eddy

B. David Hill, with Coastwatcher

C. Saradha Koirala, with Learning to Love Blue

D. No one; it wasn’t a category last year

10. The shortlist for the Storylines Tessa Duder Award 2024 was also recently announced. Which author from the Booklovers Awards features on this shortlist?

A. Eileen Merriman

B. James Russell

C. Philippa Werry

D. Melinda Szymanik


1. D – The Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore is the sponsor for the Best Junior Fiction Book and Best YA Fiction Book categories.

2. B – Tessa Duder’s novel is called The Sparrow. Check out our interview with Tessa about it here.

3. D – Before George is part of the Young Adult shortlist. Briar Lawry reviews it here.

4. A – Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan’s book is called Dazzlehands. Annelies Judson had plenty to praise about it in her review.

5. D – Before George features the Tangiwai disaster, which happened on Christmas Eve, 1953.

6. C – Ash Arising is by Mandy Hager.

7. A – Iris and Me is written in verse. Check out an extract here!

8. B – The other category at the Booklovers Awards is for Best Lifestyle Book. 

9. D – The Best Young Adult Fiction Book award wasn’t a category in 2023. 

10. C – Philippa Werry has been shortlisted for the 2024 Tessa Duder Award, alongside Kiri Lightfoot, Kate Twomey…and The Sapling quizmaster herself, Hannah Marshall 😉. You can read more about the shortlist here

Check out the Booklovers Award shortlist in full: https://www.nzbooklovers.co.nz/2024-awards