Book Quiz: Animals during wartime

Anzac Day is fast approaching, and if there’s one thing you can count on from Anzac publishing, it is great books about companion animals. We featured Maria Gill and Glyn Harper talking about this phenomenon last month, but how well do you know the other titles out there about animals during war?

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1. Who wrote Torty and the Soldier (Scholastic, 2017)

A. Robyn Belton

B. Jennifer Beck

C. David Hill

D. Glyn Harper

2. What animal is missing from this title: The _ _ _ _ in the Gun.

A. Cat

B. Bird

C. Bantam

D. Duck

3. Which Anzac dog was written about by Patricia Stroud, illustrated by Bruce Potter?

A. Caesar

B. Marv

C. Leo

D. Bobby

4. Nipper the Messenger Dog is a key figure in this title by David Hill and Fifi Colston

A. The Red Poppy

B. The Red Puppy

C. The Poppy Field

D. The Anzac Puppy

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5. Which war animal title won the Children’s Choice Picture Book Award in the 2015 NZ Children’s & YA Book Awards?

A. Roly the Anzac Donkey

B. The Anzac Puppy

C. Le Quesnoy

D. The Red Poppy

6. Who was the illustrator of Roly The Anzac Donkey, by Glyn Harper?

A. Fifi Colston

B. Robyn Belton

C. Jenny Cooper

D. Bob Kerr

7. Glyn Harper’s latest title is Bobby, the Littlest War Hero. Which of these war history titles isn’t his?

A. Jim’s Letters

B. Gladys Goes to War

C. Le Quesnoy

D. Anzac Day: The New Zealand Story

8. What type of chicken features in a 1996 classic by Jennifer Beck and Robyn Belton?

A. Leghorn

B. Bantam

C. Cochin

D. Cornish


1. B – Jennifer Beck

2. D – Duck

3. A – Caesar

4. A – The Red Poppy

5. B – The Anzac Puppy

6. C – Jenny Cooper

7. D – Anzac Day: The New Zealand Story

8. B – Bantam