Quiz: Children’s books from page to screen

The riches found in Best Adapted Screenplay Awards each year are proof that many books make good movies – but how much do you know about our own children’s books on screen?

1. Which movie of a Margaret Mahy book is this a still from?

a. The Changeover

b. The Haunting

c. Kaitangata Twitch

d. Maddigan’s Quest

2. The pictured YA author wrote the script for the TV series Under the Mountain, based on the book by Maurice Gee. Who is this?

a. Denis Wright

b. David Hair

c. Ken Catran

d. David Hill

3. The same writer also wrote the script for the movie of Tessa Duder’s classic title Alex. But who is the actress that played Alex?

a. Lisa Chappell

b. Lucy Lawless

c. Elizabeth Hawthorne

d. Lauren Jackson

4. Elizabeth Knox interviewed Margaret Mahy for a documentary in 2008. This film is called what?

a. A Long Tall Tale

b. A Tall Long-faced Tale

c. Teller of Tall Tales

d. Made in New Zealand – Margaret Mahy

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5. Who was the well-known narrator of the 1997 series of Hairy Maclary?

a. Miranda Harcourt

b. Anna Paquin

c. Robyn Malcolm

d. Kerry Fox

6. This is a still from a 1984 film based on which children’s story by Joy Cowley? This also has the honour of having been the first NZ feature film directed by a woman.

a. Ticket to the Sky Dance

b. The Silent One

c. Starbright and the Dream Eater

d. Bow Down, Shadrach

7. Which award-winning book by Kate De Goldi is ‘in advanced development’ with Paula Boock’s film company Lippy Pictures?

a. Sanctuary

b. Love, Charlie Mike

c. The 10pm Question

d. The ACB with Honora Lee

8. NZ kids’ comic Terry Teo and the Gunrunners has spawned two TV series, over 3 decades. What year was the first series, Terry and the Gunrunners, made?

a. 1981

b. 1982

c. 1984

d. 1985

9. Which book by Maurice Gee began life as a 1986 TV series?

a. The Champion

b. The Fire-Raiser

c. The Halfmen of O

d. Salt

10. Who wrote the screenplay for Margaret Mahy’s 2010 series Kaitangata Twitch?

a. Briar Grace-Smith

b. Ken Catran

c. Paula Boock

d. Gaylene Preston


1. a. The Changeover

2. c. Ken Catran

3. d. Lauren Jackson

4. b. A Tall Long-faced Tale

5. a. Miranda Harcourt

6. b. The Silent One

7. c. The 10pm Question

8. d. 1985

9. b. The Fire-raiser

10. a. Briar Grace-Smith