Book Quiz: Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Snowy Weather

Weather. We can’t avoid it. And right now, after six weeks of glorious warm weather that we never complained about, no siree Bob no complaining here, Tāwhirimātea has woken and is wreaking havoc. Let’s see what we all know about children’s books featuring weather!

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1. Ella West has a new YA title out, set on the West Coast. What is it called?

A. Rain Fall

B. Hard Rain

C. West Rain

D. Raining Hard

2. YA fiction title The Wind City (Steam Press) is by somebody with a seasonal name. Who is it?

A. Autumn Wiggins

B. Sunny Wigmore

C. Summer Wigmore

D. Winter James

3. What inanimate object is the title of a windy wordless book from Book Island?

A. The Parachute

B. The Red Balloons

C. The Kite

D. The Umbrella

4. Which is the correct title of a book by Kyle Mewburn?

A. Luther and the Cloud-Makers

B. Luther and the Wind-Makers

C. Luther and the Clock-Winders

D. Luther and the Sun-Finders

5. Which book is this rainy line from? ‘The ting of the rain, ping-itta-pang; the ding of the crossings, cling-itta-clang’.

A. Steam Train, Dream Train, by Sherri Duskey Rinker, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

B. Train, by Catherine Foreman

C. The Rain Train, by Elena De Roo and Brian Lovelock

D. Locomotive, by Brian Floca

6. One of the Carlisles, the mystical family in The Changeover, has a seasonal name. What is it?

A. Summer Carlisle

B. Winter Carlisle

C. Autumn Carlisle

D. Vernal Carlisle

7. In which ‘Digger’ book does the changing weather wreak havoc on digging a drain?

A. The Little Yellow Digger Goes to the Zoo

B. The Little Yellow Digger Goes to School

C. A Bigger Digger

D. The Little Yellow Digger

8. What was David Hill and Phoebe Morris’ snow-filled book about Sir Edmund Hillary called?

A. Knocked the Bastard Off

B. First to the Top

C. First to Everest

D. Reaching the Summit


1. A – Rain Fall

2. C – Summer Wigmore

3. D – The Umbrella

4. A – Luther and the Cloud-makers

5. C – The Rain Train

6. B – Winter Carlisle

7. D – The Little Yellow Digger

8. B – First to the Top