How to Dad: Jordan Watson Talks Books

Jordan Watson is better known – to millions of YouTube viewers – as How to Dad, giving hilarious advice on the practicalities of dad-hood to parents all over the world. Today he tells us about the books that were most important to him, growing up, and what he’s reading with his children now.

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How to DAD here. Maybe I’m getting too old but I can’t remember exactly what I was reading when I was a kid. I remember the school book bags, bright highlighter green with a velcro top. New books added each week, trying to pretend I knew what the big words meant.

Then at intermediate a friend gave me a GOOSEBUMPS book. This is about the same time GOOSEBUMPS was also a TV show. I thought they were the coolest books in the world. Scary, action, alternative endings! Alternative endings! How before their time were they – crazy! You could read one book that would have about 8 different story options inside.

I think Goosebumps tales also helped mature my creative writing skills. Before them I was still writing about that ‘yum as ice cream’ I had on the weekend. Soon that ‘irresistibly icy, ice cream smothered my tastebuds like… like… burnt eggs on a hot pan.’

Okay, I still had some work to do.

My kids are two and four and not reading themselves. Well the two-year-old snatches the book and pretends to read, then just stands on the book, and the four-year-old likes to point at the words, but we’re not quite there yet.

With the kids we’re reading a lot of number and alphabet books, but each night we have a tale from The Margaret Mahy Treasury. It’s a book compiling 11 stories from the legend herself. The girls know the stories so well that if you stuff up one word they’ll be quick to correct you. A good mix of fantasy tales and more realistic home adventures.

I’m that Dad who gets carried away while reading and when I eventually put the kids to bed I’m always left thinking: maybe I could write a kids book?

Watch this space.

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