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Read it in the stars: OneTree House

OneTree House directors Jenny Nagle and Christine Dale, who have 43 titles lined up for the new publishing house’s first year, talk to Mākaro Press publisher Mary McCallum as their first books hit the bookshops. With 43 titles lined up…


Eleven-year-old Astrid thinks she is imagining the quiet boy who appears in her room in the middle of the night and then vanishes as if by magic. Astrid lives in Sweden. She discovers the boy’s name is Tamati and he lives in New Zealand on the other side of the world.

Four Very Different NZ Picture Books

Mark Broatch reviews four recent picture books by New Zealand authors and illustrators – Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow about a feline detective and an art gallery, What Are You Supposed to Be? about a weird wolf,…