Jennifer Lane

2023 NZCYA Young Adult Award Finalists

It’s our final installment of the NZCYA finalists before the winners are announced next week. Briar Lawry gets the downlow from her high school students on what they think of the finalists, with some insightful if not judgemental reckons. The…

Reviews: Three Fresh YA Reads

Ceridwyn Roberts brings our first batch of YA reviews for 2023, featuring stories full of space travel, mystery, and more. Na Viro, by Gina Cole Na Viro by Auckland-based writer Gina Cole (Fijian, Scottish & Welsh) has stunning world-building—rich and…

THE SAMPLING: All Our Secrets

All Our Secrets is set in a small town called Coongahoola, with the dark Bagooli River running through it. After the Virgin Mary appears to the local check-out chick, the Bleeders set up on the banks of the river, and begin to buy up the town and win souls. Then the River Children begin to go missing, one after another.