Jane Bloomfield

Book List: NZ Junior Fiction v The World

Author Sue Copsey explores the world of New Zealand Junior Fiction, discovering plenty of titles that are just as good as the internationals. Our bestseller lists for kids’ books can make frustrating reading if you’re a New Zealand children’s author….

THE SAMPLING: Lily Max: Sun, Surf, Action

Young fashionista Lily Max reunites with her long-lost BFF Greer at a beautiful surf beach, where the movie ‘Wave’ is being filmed. A perfect summer together stretches out before them … until local surfer-boy Ryder becomes an unwanted third wheel.

Writing Funny Junior Fiction: Serious Business

When we asked if Suzanne Main would write an article about funny books for kids, her reaction was, ‘What do I know about funny books? I just write them!’ Turns out the answer is, quite a bit! I don’t primarily…

Book Reviews: Three Junior Fiction Gems

Each of these three action-packed books has a great cast of characters, some daredevil heroes and is written for kids aged 7+. Sarah Forster found them to be page-turning fun. Lily Max: Sun, Surf, Sea, by Jane Bloomfield (Luncheon Sausage…

In conversation with Lauren Child, extraordinaire

Lily Max author Jane Bloomfield caught up with UK author/illustrator Lauren Child during the recent Auckland Writers Festival. We captured some of their fascinating whirlwind conversation here, learning about inspiration, thrillers, sunglasses and Seventies childhoods. I expected to feel incredibly…