Gordon Ell

Book Reviews: New Non-Fiction from Aotearoa

Author Linda Jane Keegan reviews two new non-fiction titles from Aotearoa; the first looks at our changing climate, and the second at the history of our country. Inside Bubble Earth – Climate Change, by Des Hunt (OneTree House) I must…

THE SAMPLING: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

There has been an enormous amount of amazing local non-fiction in recent months – and here’s a taster of one of those releases. Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Sarah and Gordon Ell is part of Oratia’s ‘The NZ Series’ and this extract is reproduced with permission.

Book Reviews: New New Zealand Non-Fiction

Here’s a peek at three new non-fiction titles, as reviewed by Esther Kiernan (with a little input from her nine-year-old son). With two biographies – a palaeontologist and a sporting superstar – and one geology book, there’s something for every…