Giselle Clarkson

Book Reviews: Lively New Books for Young Readers

When the review titles arrived this month, my kids called me the Book Queen and hugged the pages to their chests, eyes wide, already imagining what was inside. Book Queen? I said, I am the Queen of all the world…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 23

Giselle Clarkson wrestles with imposter syndrome in her most recent comic. Giselle has also illustrated The Gobbledegook Book, written by Joy Cowley, which will be released in September through Gecko Press. Head along to the launch on 14 September in…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 22

Penguins have appeared in famed picture books with relative frequency over the years – and not just because a fair few books happen to have been created by a publishing house that shares their Antarctic avian name. But our intrepid…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 21

Many of the awards for children’s literature in New Zealand (bestowed by either Storylines or the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults) are named after important people. Illustrator Giselle Clarkson has researched these award namesakes, made short…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 20

This is a momentous occasion: it’s the second anniversary of Giselle Clarkson Comics on The Sapling (actually, the second anniversary of The Sapling, too). Where does the time go …?! To celebrate, here is the 20th Giselle Clarkson Comic, all…

Book Reviews: Fantastic Female Protagonists

What a treat to be handed three titles with wonderful female protagonists. While they all sit comfortably in the junior fiction or middle grade category, they are all very different reads. Hazel and the Snails is a gentle tale of…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 19

Do you recognise the name Avis Acres? Giselle Clarkson fills us in on the importance of this early figure in New Zealand children’s literature – and slips in some rather surprising facts.

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 18

As we near the end of 2018, our cool and clever illustrator, Giselle Clarkson, reaches Peak Adorkable. Here, she teaches us about some bugs and the stories behind their scientific Latin names.

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 17

Is there any experience more universal than inappropriate laughing fits? Here, illustrator Giselle Clarkson generously shares one of the times she got the giggles as a child, when it was all Paul Jennings’ fault.

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 16

In the 16th of our regular comics from Giselle Clarkson, she ruminates on the unusual history of one of the most-loved works of literature in New Zealand.