Reviews: Three New Junior Fiction Releases

Claudine Tapsell brings us this latest batch of junior fiction reviews, featuring a splendid standalone novel, a gripping sequel, and the finale to a (locally and internationally) well-loved series! Read on to see what she had to say about them….

THE SAMPLING: Royal Orchid—The Crystal Continent

By Denika Mead Denika Mead brings us the final title in The Crystal Continent series. After defeating the Ghost Warriors, Ivy is now Queen of the Crystal People. But peace doesn’t last for long when a dragon hatches in the…

Book Reviews: YA fantasy that burns bright

Fantasy’s a funny word for the genre of imaginative worlds, considering how many of the places created are the last place anyone would ‘fantasise’ about living in. But naming conventions aside, it’s a beloved genre by many, including your team…