The Reckoning: Science in Comics

Comics and graphic novels are a wonderful medium for kids and adults alike. Science communicator Katherine Hurst talks us through how science is portrayed in comic form and gives some great examples. It’s 2023, so hopefully there’s nobody out there…

The Sampling: Tuahangata tae e whā

Nā Richard Fairgray Nā Komako A. Silver and Alejandra Jensen i whakamāori Richard Fairgray’s Four-Color Heroes (Fanbase Press) is now also available digitally in te reo Māori! You can find it on Hoopla (from 11 September), Comics Plus, Google Books,…

Interview: Giselle Clarkson, Arts Laureate

This month, the children’s book community of Aotearoa New Zealand – and anyone who’s every interacted with her, probably – was collectively delighted to learn that illustrator Giselle Clarkson is one of the 2023 Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi Laureates….

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 38

Do descriptions of food in books have you drooling or recoiling in disgust? This edition of the Giselle Clarkson comic delves into the delights and despair of the culinary in children’s literature.

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 36

In this edition of the Giselle Clarkson comic, Giselle explores a gripe she has in the children’s publishing industry: celebrities becoming authors. Her solution? Turn the authors into celebrities…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 35

In our first comic of the year, Giselle Clarkson explores one of the best—and scariest—parts about being a children’s illustrator: school visits.

Interview with Richard Fairgray

Richard Fairgray is an award-winning creator who has published over 200 titles, ranging from children’s books like Gorillas in Our Midst and My Grandpa Is a Dinosaur to graphic novels like Black Sand Beach, Blastosaurus and Cardboardia. Here, Charlotte Fielding…

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 34

Giselle Clarkson ponders why she loves children’s books in her final comic for this iteration of The Sapling. Giselle’s latest book, The Tiny Woman’s Coat, written by Joy Cowley, has just been named the ‘children’s book of the week’ by…