IDEAS, Advice & feedback


Firstly, thanks for having an idea for The Sapling! We want to hear from all sorts of people about all sorts of topics related to children’s books. If you have an idea you’d like to write about, read on.

Send a brief summary of your idea (two or three sentences) and a short bio/CV to If we can see a fit for The Sapling, we’ll ask you for more information. Even if you don’t want to be the one to write it, let us know anyway!

Please understand if we have to turn down your idea. The Sapling is only two people; we work on this website in our spare time so we have to limit the content we commission (or we’d never sleep or see our families).


If you’re looking for advice about how to get published or feedback on a book you’ve written, we’re not able to help you. Instead you should get hold of someone at the NZ Association of Manuscript Assessors. They give professional feedback on writing and suggestions about sending your work to publishers. The Book Council also has very good information on How to get published.

High-quality self-published titles will be included on The Sapling at the discretion of the editors. 


If you’d like to give us money, let’s talk! Email Jane and Sarah at