Book Quiz: Books to sing along to

It’s New Zealand Music Month, so our quiz for your brain teasing pleasure today is all about singalong books from writers, illustrators and performers from Aotearoa. Good luck!

Test yourself, share with a friend, and let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you do!

1. June Pitman-Hayes has written several fabulous singalong books, like Kia Ora: You Can Be A Kiwi Too and Kia Kaha: Together Standing Strong. One of her books celebrates a special time of year – but which?

A. Easter

B. Chinese New Year

C. Eid

D. Matariki 

2. The original donkey was wonky, the next one was dinky, but what was the third?

A. The Nervy Nanny Donkey

B. The Kooky Kui Donkey

C. The Grinny Granny Donkey

D. The Grim Gran Donkey

3. We’ve Got A Boat was illustrated by Donovan Bixley – but who sang it?

A. J. Williams

B. Jay Lagaʻaia

C. Jemaine Clement

D. Jordan Luck

4. What kind of vehicle is Nee Naw in Deano Yipadee’s series?

A. Ambulance

B. Police car

C. Tow truck

D. Fire engine

5. The Topp Twins and Jenny Cooper have collaborated on a lot of books together – which of these is NOT one of their books?

A. There’s a Hole in my Bucket

B. The Wheels on the Bus

C. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

D. Skip to the Loo My Darlin’

6. What sort of family is in the Suzy Cato and Arthur Baysting book released last year?

A. The Kauri Family

B. The Tōtara Family

C. The Rimu Family

D. The Pōhutukawa Family

7. Which traditional piece got the Matariki treatment in a singalong book by Rebecca Larsen?

A. Star Light, Star Bright

B. Hey Diddle Diddle

C. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

D. Starry Starry Night

8. Which award-winning illustrator is behind then look of the Love to Sing series of books and music?

A. Vasanti Unka

B. Kimberley Andrews

C. Myles Lawford

D. Brian Lovelock


1. D. Matariki

2. C. The Grinny Granny Donkey

3. B. Jay Lagaʻaia

4. D. Fire engine

5. B. The Wheels on the Bus (they do, however, have The Wheels on the Truck!

6. A. The Kauri Family

7. C. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

8. A. Vasanti Unka