Book Quiz: Authors bridging age categories

Welcome back to another Sapling quiz! This month’s quiz blends current releases with a healthy dash of Aotearoa children’s book history knowledge. Enjoy!

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1. Fleur Beale, who this month releases The Calling, is best known as a YA author. Can you recall the name of the main character of the series of junior fiction novels set on Tidy Street she published from 2008?

A. Quik Mullins

B. Missy Bingle

C. Quin Majik

D. Nitty Nigel

2. Which current YA author with a book out this month started out writing for younger kids, with the titles The Real Thing and Henry and the Flea?

A. Brian Falkner

B. Lani Wendt Young

C. Bernard Beckett

D. Vince Ford

3. Kelly Wilson has the last in her ‘Showtym Adventures’ junior fiction books out this month. What is the title of her picture book, released in 2016?

A. For the Love of Horses

B. Ranger the Kaimanawa Stallion

C. Dandy, the Mountain Pony

D. Pepe, the Beach Stallion

4. Elizabeth Pulford has Honk!, a tale of a cantankerous goose out this month, but she has also written books for older kids. What is the name of her fantasy trilogy which began in 2015?

A. The Bloodtree Chronicles

B. The Sanspell Chronicles

C. The Silvering Kingdom

D. The School of Good and Evil

5. Gillian Torckler has a new non-fiction title out for ANZAC Day. She and her husband Darryl have also in the past published pictorial inspiration books. Which of these titles is hers?

A. Making it together: A book of healing

B. Baby Mine: Baby’s first memories

C. Together is better: A little book of inspiration

D. You’ve only just begun: Inspiration for the Graduate

6. Which YA author with a recent book also wrote the ‘Scarlet Lies’ romance series?

A. Lani Wendt Young

B. Eileen Merriman

C. Janna Ruth

D. Cristina Sanders

7. Annemarie Florian and Alistair Hughes’ new book Snapper the real story is due this month. Annemarie has published a book that has sold over 30,000 copies, what is it called?

A. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

B. Books for Babies

C. Kiwi: The Real Story

D. Getting To Know You

8. Elena de Roo has a junior fiction series about a girl detective, what is the name of the main character?

A. Ophelia Bedelia

B. Harriet Wild

C. Ophelia Wild

D. Hortense Wild


1. C. Quin Majik

2. A. Brian Falkner

3. B. Ranger the Kaimanawa Stallion

4. A. The Bloodtree Chronicles

5. D. You’ve only just begun: Inspiration for the Graduate

6. A. Lani Wendt Young

7. B. Books for Babies

8. C. Ophelia Wild