Book Quiz: Old Books, New Illustrations

Some beautiful new picture books that have hit shelves in recent years have had roots of an older vintage. So our latest quiz challenges you to pick the illustrator of the reissues of eight Kiwi books. We’ve included the covers to help you out – but the illustrators’ names have been scrubbed out with very high tech design software.

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1. The original edition of Song of the River was illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller. Who illustrated the new one?

2. A modern classic of Christmassy chaos, The Christmas Tree Tangle was re-released a few years back, after its original outing with Anthony Kerins. Can you name the illustrator of the new version?

3. The Gobbledegook Book contains all sorts of Joy Cowley stories originally illustrated by all sorts of people. But who did the illustrations for this new anthology?

4. Who is behind the illustrations for Seagull, Seagull, an anthology of existing children’s verse by James K. Baxter?

5. Peter Millett wrote Moa’s Ark in 2005, when it was illustrated by Lamia Aziz. But who illustrated the new edition that came out this year?

6. Back in 1972, The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate was illustrated by Brian Froud. A couple of decades later, this Margaret Mahy favourite was given a fresh lick of paint by someone else, but who?

7. Continuing a piratical theme, Joy Cowley’s The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate was first illustrated by Jo Davies. Who did Gecko Press enlist to do the new one?

8. Bubble Trouble was originally part of a collection that Margaret Mahy both wrote AND illustrated! But when Bubble Trouble was released as its own picture book, who illustrated it?


1. Kimberly Andrews

2. Sarah Davis

3. Giselle Clarkson

4. Kieran Rynhart

5. Shaun Yeo

6. Margaret Chamberlain

7. Sarah Davis

8. Polly Dunbar