Book Quiz: Food in New Zealand Picture Books

How well do you remember the tasty morsels in the illustrations of your favourite picture books? See if you can get 12/12 in our food quiz!

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1. Where does this bowl of pease porridge come from?

A. The Cat From Muzzle

B. Cook’s Cook: The Cook Who Cooked For Captain Cook

C. The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate

D. Nursery Rhymes For Salty Sea Dogs

2. Which book features these delectable little cakes?

A. The Moon And Farmer McPhee

B. Nan the Baker

C. Mini Whinny: Happy Birthday To Me

D. The Witch In The Cherry Tree

3. Where will you find this cornflake-hungry kākāpō?

A. There’s a Tūī in our Teapot

B. Kākāpō Dance

C. Fifty-Five Feathers

D. Birds Are Pretty Corny

4. Which book will make you drool at these delicious pancakes?

A. The Longest Breakfast

B. The Pancake Bandit

C. Under My Bed There Lives A Tiger

D. That’s Not The Monster We Ordered

5. Which book features these cakes and treats being flung around?

A. Granny McFlitter The Champion Knitter

B. Granny McFlitter All A-Twitter

C. Granny McFlitter: A Country Yarn

D. Granny McFlitter And The Lamington Incident

6. This mustard features in a beloved classic – but which one?

A. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy

B. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

C. The Lion in the Meadow

D. The Little Yellow Digger

7. Another Kiwi classic – where does this tabletop come from?

A. The Kuia and the Spider

B. Watercress Tuna And The Children of Champion Street

C. Taniwha

D. Koroua and the Wētā

8. This pav looks delicious, but where did it come from?

A. Nau Mai, Haere Mai! Welcome To New Zealand!

B. Kia Ora! You Can Be A Kiwi Too!

C. Pavlova And Presents

D. A Kiwi Party

9. Berry and fern salad – yum! Which book is it from?

A. Kuwi’s Rowdy Crowd

B. Kuwi’s Very Shiny Bum

C. Kuwi”s First Egg

D. Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt

10. Don’t let those sausages sneak away from… which book?

A. Things in the Sea are Touching Me

B. Grandpa’s Shorts

C. Louie the Sausage Thief

D. When We Go Camping

11. Which Kiwi picture book famously features this glass of lemonade?

A. A Sticky Mess

B. I Love Lemonade

C. I Hate Lemonade

D. Baa Baa Smart Sheep

12. Which book includes this hamburger-guzzling moment?

A. I Am Jellyfish

B. The Best Burger

C. The Day the Costumes Stuck

D. Capsicum, Capsi Go


1. B) Cook’s Cook

2. D) Witch in the Cherry Tree

3: A) There’s a Tūī in our Teapot

4: A) The Longest Breakfast

5: C) Granny McFlitter: A Country Yarn

6: B) The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

7: A) The Kuia And The Spider

8: B) Kia Ora You Can Be A Kiwi Too

9: D) Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt

10: D) When We Go Camping

11: B) I Love Lemonade

12: A) Capsicum, Capsi Go

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