Book Quiz: Multicultural Picture Books

Quiz yourself on eight New Zealand picture books that illustrate Aotearoa’s multiculturalism and diversity. Can you get them all right?

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1. Kia Ora: You Can Be a Kiwi Too, author June Pitman-Hayes discusses the importance of embracing Aotearoa as a multicultural nation, regardless of race or creed. In Kia Ora: You Can Be a Kiwi Too how many ways do they show people greeting people?

A. 7

B. 12

C. 14

D. 28

2. Glyn Harper’s My Grandfather’s War tells young readers the story of the relationship between a grandfather and his child. The story focuses on the sensitive exploration of the lingering cost of war, children’s innocent curiosity and acknowledgement of a war that has little written of it. What is the name of the grandfather?

A. Rodger

B. Raymond

C. Robert

D. Bobby

3. David Ling’s William’s Waitangi Day teaches us the importance and meaning of one of our national holidays. The bilingual Chinese/English version opens the conversations and understandings to a whole new community of readers. Who teaches Chinese-born William what Waitangi Day is really about?

A. Joe and Ani

B. Joe and Ari

C. Sam and Amy

D. Zoe and Arty

4. The 2008 Storylines Notable Picture Book Mere McKaskill’s Boil-Up by Tracy Duncan shows young readers the various cultures that live around their neighborhood and the importance of sharing food. Who, in Mere McKaskill’s Boil-Up owns the vegetable shop?

A. Mr O’Neill

B. Mr and Mrs Yee

C. Mr Laga’aia

D. Mr McKaskill

5. Juliette MacIver creates a diverse modern class in her tale That’s Not a Hippopotamus. Who in the class finds the hippo?

A. Alice

B. Liam

C. Lisa

D. Kitty

6. In Rasmas, Elizabeth Pulford’s tale of the friendship between a boy and his goat, young readers learn the difficulties of loss and what step-families look like outside a fairytale. In Rasmas, what is the name of the protagonist?

A. Annie

B. Franny

C. Danny

D. Sunny

7. In Grandad’s Guitar by Janine McVeagh, Kahu’s grandmother tells her grandson of her travels all over the world with Kahu’s granddad and his guitar when they were younger. Where did Grandad’s guitar travel to?

A. Afghanistan

B. France

C. India

D. All of the above

8. Jane Va’afusuaga and Rebecca Stirnemann’s book Mose and the Manumea brings light to the plight of the endangered national bird of Samoa, the Manumea, as iconic to Samoa as the Kiwi is to New Zealand. In the book, published in both English and Samoan, where does the protagonist Mose learn of the endangered bird?

A. On the radio

B. In the newspaper

C. From his teacher

D. On the T.V


1. C. 14

2. C. Robert

3. A. Joe and Ani

4. B. Mr and Mrs Yee

5. B. Liam

6. C. Danny

7. D. All of the above

8. A. On the radio