Book Quiz: A Spooky Bunch of NZ Books

The spookiest night of the year is here again. Before you send your little ghouls, witches and Wilberforces out, see how much you know about scary NZ stories for kids of all ages.

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1. Who is the author of The Were-Nana, illustrated by Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson?

A. Joy Cowley

B. Melinda Szymanik

C. Jennifer Beck

D. Dawn McMillan

2. NZ Author Sue Copsey has a spooky series of junior fiction books, the second of which is called The Ghosts of Tarawera. What is the first?

A. The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Shoulders

B. The Zombies of Young Nick’s Head

C. The Ghouls of Young Nick’s Head

D. The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head

3. The House on the Hill, by Kyle Mewburn and Sarah Davis is based on which classic gothic poem?

A. The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe

B. Haunted, by Siegfried Sassoon

C. The Haunted Oak, by Paul Laurence Dunbar

D. Ghost House, by Robert Frost

4. Joy H. Davidson won the Joy Cowley Picture Book Manuscript award in 2015 for the manuscript for which picture book, named below?

A. Witch’s Hat wanted … find a pin

B. Witch’s Cat wanted … knock on the door

C. Witch’s Hat needed … apply within

D. Witch’s Cat wanted … apply within

5. What lures a witch to David’s garden, in the Margaret Mahy classic ?

A. The smell of baking cakes

B. The smell of baking bread

C. The sound of howling wolves

D. The sound of a yowling cat

6. Who is the author/artist behind Ghoulish Get-ups? (Scholastic NZ, 2014)

A. Heather McQuillan

B. Kathy White

C. Fifi Colston

D. Donovan Bixley

7. Tripswitch, by Gaelyn Gordon saw three young girls held hostage by their Aunt Lureene, who is a witch. What was it about the three girls that held their magical powers?

A. Their hands

B. Their hair

C. Their eyes

D. Their toenails

8. Which book by Maurice Gee includes the terrifying Wilberforces?

A. The Halfmen of O

B. The Motherstone

C. Under the Mountain

D. Gool

9. Who is the author of Night Vision, in which a young girl sees a murder committed in the forest at night?

A. David Hair

B. Des Hunt

C. Tania Roxborogh

D. Ella West

10. In this brand new YA title by Steph Matuku, a bus load of high school students crashes in the bush, and can’t find their way out. What is it called?

A. Tui in a Teapot

B. Flight of the Fantail

C. Kea keeper

D. Bus in the Bush


1. B. Melinda Szymanik

2. D. The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head

3. A. The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe

4. D. Witch’s Cat wanted … apply within

5. A. The smell of baking cakes

6. C. Fifi Colston

7. B. Their hair

8. C. Under the Mountain

9. D. Ella West

10. B. Flight of the Fantail