THE SAMPLING: Dear Donald Trump

By Sophie Siers

Sam has a problem. He has to share a room with his older brother and things aren’t easy. When Sam sees Donald Trump on TV talking about ‘the wall’ he realises a solution is at hand! But who knew that planning a wall could be so tricky?

Here are the first few pages from this new NZ picture book, Dear Donald Trump by Sophie Siers and illustrated by Anne Villeneuve (Millwood Press).

Dear Donald Trump,

I'm writing you a letter from my bedroom in New Zealand. Sadly, the room does not belong only to me. I have to share it with my big brother who exactly fits your description of an undesirable person.

I watched you on the TV news tonight and you said you were building a wall. It made me think that perhaps I need one too.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Donald Trump,

The problem is that my brother has a phone and he plays on it at night even though he isn't allowed. It keeps me awake. I suggested to Mum and Dad that they let me build a wall across the room.

They said no.

Very sincerely,

Dear Donald Trump,

At dinner tonight we had a discussion about the wall proposals, both yours and mine. I don't know about you but I'm getting a lot of negative feedback.

My brother said that they're both dumb ideas.

Mum said that if you were like other men she knew you would talk about it a lot but never build it.

Dad didn't say anything.



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Dear Donald Trump

by Sophie Siers

Illustrated by Anne Villeneuve

Published by Millwood Press

RRP $27.95

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