THE SAMPLING: A Kiwi book about bullying

Here’s a Sampling with a difference: the book doesn’t exist (yet)!

Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones by Steff Green and illustrated by artist Bree Roldan, is a picture book about bullying and a cute grim reaper, who doesn’t have any friends because all the kids are afraid of him. Its creators are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise money to publish the book.

Author Steff Green says, ‘We’re turning to Kickstarter because we know there are lots of parents of weird kids out there who are going through bullying, and we think this book might help them.’ The Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones Kickstarter runs through the month of June 2018, and needs NZ$8,000 to make the project happen.

The Grim Reaper dropped his son off for his first day at school. 

Little Death gazed up at the big buildings and the kids running and jumping...
"Dad," Little Death said, tears stinging his eye sockets. "I don't look like anyone else here."

His father patted his skull.

"You're different, and that's okay. Your new friends won't care what you look like."
Little Death gripped his lunch box tight. He tried to steady his shaking knees. 

He saw some kids building a fort. 
Can I join in?" Little Death asked.
"You're pretty weird looking," said Paul. "But you can help. Hold this branch while we make a roof."
Little Death reached for the branch...