Book Quiz: How well do you know your dogs?

Since Beatrix Potter and before, animals have been a staple subject of children’s literature. How well do you know your literary dogs, from the canon of Aotearoa New Zealand picture books?

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1. In Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop’s Cowshed Christmas, what kind of dog brings a present to Jesus and Mary at the cowshed door?

A. Alsatian

B. Beagle

C. Collie

D. Dalmatian

2. In Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam, by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis, the dog who follows the jam is:

A. on a log

B. in a bog

C. on a jog

D. in the fog

3. How many dogs chase the geese in Margaret Mahy’s A Summery Saturday Morning?

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four

4. Why do dogs sniff bottoms? was co-written by Dawn McMillan and whom?

A. Bert Signal

B. Bob Darroch

C. Ben Brown

D. Bernard Beckett

5. In Heather Hunt and Kennedy Warne’s It’s My Egg (and You Can’t Have It!), a girl with a dog is advised to do what to keep kiwi safe?

A. use a leash

B. use a muzzle

C. stay out of the bush

D. train the dog to avoid kiwi

6. Who illustrated Trevor, the Smelliest Dog Ever, by Samantha Laugeson?

A. Gavin Bishop

B. Josh Morgan

C. Paul Beavis

D. Scott Tulloch

7. The classic picture book Herbert: the brave sea dog, by Robyn Belton, is about to be released in te reo Māori as Hāpata: Te kurī māia o te moana. Who is the publisher of both editions?

A. Scholastic

B. Huia Publishers

C. Potton & Burton

D. Oratia

8. Who wrote and illustrated the Flash series of books about a dog?

A. Kat Merewether

B. Ruth Paul

C. Fifi Colston

D. Robyn Kahukiwa

9. Which of these is not a book about a dog during wartime?

A. The Red Poppy

B. The Anzac Puppy

C. Bobby, the Littlest War Hero

D. My Friend Tertius

10. In Dame Lynley Dodd’s classic, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, who is the last dog to appear?

A. Muffin McLay

B. Bottomley Potts

C. Schnitzel von Krumm

D. Bitzer Maloney


1. C. Collie

2. C. on a jog

3. B. two

4. A. Bert Signal

5. A. use a leash

6. D. Scott Tulloch

7. C. Potton & Burton

8. B. Ruth Paul

9. C. Bobby, the littlest war hero (Bobby is a canary)

10. C Schnitzel von Krumm