Book Quiz: A New Zealand themed Christmas

Slowly but surely, New Zealand has built up its very own range of Christmas-themed Children’s literature. Sarah realised recently that she has most of these books at home. See how much you know about them!

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1. Margaret Mahy’s The Christmas Tree Tangle is re-released this year with new illustrations by Sarah Davis. Who was the original illustrator, in 1994?

A. Polly Dunbar

B. Tony Kerins

C. Gavin Bishop

D. Martin Baynton

2. Which of these titles is correct, for Kyle Mewburn’s Christmas picture book from 2013.

A. A Very Chirpy Christmas

B. A Perfect Chirpy Christmas

C. A Burpy Chirpy Christmas

D. A Chirpy Happy Christmas

3. Who wrote ‘Tis the Month Before Christmas, published in 2015 by Upstart Press?

A. Pat Chapman

B. Donovan Bixley

C. Joy Cowley

D. Greg McGee

4. Who is the singer-songwriter behind Jungle Bells (Scholastic NZ)?

A. Craig Smith

B. Pio Terei

C. The Topp Twins

D. Anika Moa

5. Which of these titles did Myles Lawford illustrate?

A. A Very Kiwi Christmas

B. A Kiwi Christmas Carol

C. A Kiwi-As Christmas

D. Jungle Bells

6. Who are the animal characters that visit the baby Jesus in Cowshed Christmas, by Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop?

A. Huntaway Dog, Bantam Hens, Merino Sheep, Jersey Cow, Kune Kune and the Tabby Cat

B. Jersey Cow, Huntaway Dog, Bantam Hens, Sheep and goats, Tui, Pigs and the Ginger Cat

C. Jersey Cow, Collie Dog, Geese, Ducks, Kittens and Puppies, and Kune kune

D. Jersey Cow, Collie Dog, Bantam Hens, Sheep and lambs, Ducks, Kune kune, and the Ginger Cat

7. Who is the illustrator of Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells, by Deano Yipadee?

A. Paul Beavis

B. Sarah Davis

C. Jenny Cooper

D. Chris Gurney

8. The Christmas Caravan is by Jennifer Beck. What is her most recent book title?

A. Bantam and the Soldier, illustrated by Robyn Belton

B. Remember that November, illustrated by Lindy Fisher

C. Torty and the Soldier, illustrated by Fifi Colston

D. A Present from the Past, illustrated by Lindy Fisher


1. B

2. B

3. A

4. D

5. A

6. D

7. A

8. C