Book Quiz: Let’s see what you remember…

Did you see our books of the year?! To help you with your Christmas and end-of-year book shopping, we published our picks of the best YA Books, Factual Books, Junior and Middle Fiction, and Picture Books over the past week, and now we’re going to test who was reading…

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1. Which pick in our Junior and Middle Fiction list is based near Kaikōura, after the earthquake?

A. Awatea’s Treasure, by Fraser Smith

B. How to Bee, by Bren MacDibble

C. Twice Upon a Time, by James Norcliffe

D. The Thunderbolt Pony, by Stacy Gregg

2. Which author on our Picture Book list won the Picture Book category of the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults in 2017?

A. Juliette MacIver

B. Mere Whaanga

C. Sarah Grundy

D. Richard Fairgray

3. Which of Gillian Candler’s books is on the Best Factual Books list?

A. Whose Beak is This?

B. Whose Feet are These?

C. Under the Ocean

D. From Moa to Dinosaurs

4. What does Toroa mean – as in Toroa’s Journey?

A. Wide-wing

B. Giant bird

C. Albatross

D. King bird

5. Which is the correct title of this featured YA book by Erin Donohue?

A. Because Everything is Right, but Everything is Wrong

B. Because Everything is Wrong, and Everything is Right

C. Because Everything is Good, and Everything is Bad

D. Because Everything is Right, and Everything is Wrong

6. Air Born, by JL Pawley is on our YA list – what does the J stand for?

A. James

B. Jess

C. Joseph

D. Jane

7. What year was Helper and Helper author Joy Cowley born?

A. 1937

B. 1934

C. 1936

D. 1933

8. What is the name of the Picture Book that we included by Stephanie Thatcher?

A. Little Hoiho

B. PÅ«tangitangi Walks

C. The Quiet Pirate

D. The Other Brother

9. Which YA title is a collection of short stories?

A. Air Born, by J. L. Pawley

B. That Stubborn Seed of Hope, by Brian Falkner

C. The Severed Land, by Maurice Gee

D. Zeustian Logic, by Sabrina Malcolm

10. Who of the following appears twice in our lists?

A. Gavin Bishop

B. Joy Cowley

C. James Norcliffe

D. Robyn Kahukiwa


1. D

2. A

3. B

4. C

5. A

6. B

7. C

8. B

9. B

10. A