Book Quiz: Kiwi, our favourite flightless bird

Look at the Nielsen Bestsellers list each week, and you are certain to discover a whole range of books featuring kiwi. We are celebrating National Kiwi Month with this quiz, and next month will see our recommendations for the best kiwi books.

Tokoeka, Apteryx australis, Stewart Island, photographed by Glen Fergus, Use permitted by CC Attribution 2.5 license

1. What is the most recent title in the Little Kiwi series by Bob Darroch?

A. Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur

B. Little Kiwi and the Forest Feast

C. Little Kiwi and the Noisy Night

D. Little Kiwi Counts the Chicks

2. Which of these authors wrote classic picture book Kiwi Moon?

A. Gavin Bishop

B. Joy Cowley

C. Margaret Mahy

D. David Elliott

3. Which of these isn’t a Pee Wee the Kiwi title, by Blair Cooper?

A. Pee Wee the Lonely Kiwi Finds a Friend

B. Pee Wee the Kiwi’s Big New Zealand Adventure

C. Pee Wee the Kiwi’s All Black Adventure

D. Pee Wee the Kiwi Finds a Friend

4. What was name given to the kiwi with a false leg that is featured in a book by Melanie Drewery?

A. Rua

B. Tahi

C. Manukura

D. Tane

5. There are three birds featured in Row, Row, Row Your Waka, by Rebecca Larsen. Which are they?

A. Pūkeko, Kiwi and Adelie

B. Kiwi, Kōkako and Hoiho

C. Pūkeko, Kiwi and Hoiho

D. Kiwi, Hoiho and Kōkako

6. Scott Tulloch has a new book about kiwi out, based on a fairytale. What is it called?

A. A Kiwi Christmas Carol

B. Goldilocks and the Three Kiwi

C. The Ugly Hatchling

D. The Ugly Kiwi

7. Who is the illustrator of Juliette MacIver’s We’re Off to find a Kiwi?

A. Sarah Davis

B. Brian Lovelock

C. Kate Wilkinson

D. Nikki Slade Robinson

8. Which of these predators doesn’t feature in It’s My Egg (and you can’t have it!) by Heather Hunt and Kennedy Warne?

A. A cat

B. A weasel

C. A stoat

D. A dog

9. In what order were the Kuwi the Kiwi books by Kat Merewether published?

A. Kuwi’s First Egg, Kuwi’s Shiny Bum, Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt, Kuwi’s Kitchen

B. Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt, Kuwi’s Kitchen, Kuwi’s First Egg, Kuwi’s Shiny Bum

C. Kuwi’s First Egg, Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt, Kuwi’s Shiny Bum, Kuwi’s Kitchen

D. Kuwi’s Fancy Egg, Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt, Kuwi’s Shiny Bum, Kuwi’s Kitchen

10. Who was the author of Kiwi: The Real Story (2012), illustrated by Heather Hunt?

A. Annemarie Florian

B. Desna Wallace

C. Kennedy Warne

D. Philippa Werry


1. B

2. A

3. D

4. B

5. C

6. D

7. C

8. B

9. C

10. A