Crafts with Fifi: That’s Not the Monster…

Never be stuck for something to do! Keep your hands and brain busy with glue, tape and scissors – and have crafty fun with Fifi!

Not the monster you ordered? Make your own from the box it came in! A craft for That’s Not the Monster We Ordered, by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones (Puffin NZ). Images from the book used with the permission of Penguin Random House NZ.

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1. You will need:

  • A cardboard box, any size will do
  • Clean takeout coffee cups and the trays they sit in.
  • Tape
  • Scissors and a craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Glue gun
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2. Gluing and Cutting

Glue the box flaps shut and tape over the edges. Draw a mouth with teeth (as many as you like) a little over half way up the box. Extend the line right around the box sides and back. A ruler is useful for getting this measurement right. Cut one of the flaps off a coffee cup tray. Glue it onto the box for eyes and a nose.

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3. Cutting

Using a craft knife, cut along the mouth you drew- just the front and sides. On the back, score the line with a sharp pencil. This line will now bend nicely and make a handy hinge.

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4. Paws, Ears, Tail

Make paws and ears from another tray. Cut a spiral into a coffee cup to make the tail.

5. Glue

Glue the paws, ears and tail on. Now it’s looking like a monster!

5. Paint

Paint it. Acrylic paint is best, put it on thick and let it dry between coats. How about a few stripes or dots?

6. Extra bits

Another coffee cup cut into spikes makes a fun hairdo.

7. He ate all the craft stuff! What a useful monster 🙂

Find out more about That’s Not the Monster We Ordered by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones here.

Download the PDF for this craft to take home here.


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