Book Quiz: Do You Know Your Te Reo Maori Titles?

November 5, 2019

How's your reo Māori looking? Can you pick which is MEKA (true) and which is TEKA (false) when figuring out the correct translation of a title?


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1. The new reo Māori edition of The Noisy Book is called...

a) Hoihoi Turituri

or b) Toitoi Hurihuri


2. Kei Hea A Spot? is the Māori edition of...

a) Who's There, Spot?

or b) Where's Spot?


3. Things In The Sea Are Touching Me is also known as one of these in Māori...

a) Ngā Moa Kei Rō Moana E Whakamā Mai Ana!

or b) Ngā Mea Kei Rō Moana E Whakapā Mai Ana!


4. He Raiona I Roto I Ngā Otaota is the lovely Māori edition of...

a) The Lion in the Meadow

or b) There's A Tiger In The Garden


5. The Stolen Stars of Matariki can also be found as...

a) Ngā Manu Tukutuku E Whitu O Matariki

or b) Ngā Whetū Matariki I Whānakotia


6. Te Hīnga Ake A Māui I Te Ika Whenua is Donovan Bixley's retelling of...

a) How Māui Slowed The Sun

or b) How Māui Fished Up The North Island


7. If you're reading The Bomb in Māori, you're reading...

a) Te Pohū

or b) Te Manu


8. Mahiara is the Māori edition of...

a) Demolition

or b) Roadworks


9. Room on the Broom can be found in Māori as...

a) He Pune I Te Marama

or b) He Wāhi I Te Puruma


10. The Māori edition of a classic story, Ngā Poaka E Toru is better known in English as...

a) Goldilocks and the Three Bears

or b) The Three Little Pigs








1. A. Hoihoi Turituri

2. B. Where's Spot?

3. B. Ngā Mea Kei Rō Moana E Whakapā Mai Ana!

4. A. The Lion in the Meadow

5. B. Ngā Whetū Matariki i Whānakotia

6. B. How Māui Fished Up The North Island

7. A. Te Pohū

8. B. Roadworks

9. B. He Wāhi I Te Puruma

10. B. The Three Little Pigs









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