• Giselle Clarkson

The Giselle Clarkson Comic: Number 22


Penguins have appeared in famed picture books with relative frequency over the years – and not just because a fair few books happen to have been created by a publishing house that shares their Antarctic avian name. But our intrepid illustrator Giselle Clarkson knows her crests from her chinstraps, so for her latest installment of The Giselle Clarkson Comic, she dives into the depictions of different penguin species in the picture book world.

Penguins: A Scientific Literature Review



Giselle Clarkson is a freelance illustrator and comic creator from Wellington. Her work has appeared in a bunch of School Journals as well as Gecko Press’ ANNUAL. She illustrated the 2018 picture book Secret World of Butterflies by Courtney Sina Meredith (Allen & Unwin NZ) and the 2019 children's novel Hazel and the Snails by Nan Blanchard (Annual Ink/Massey University Press). Giselle's secret talent is rescuing moths from the shower without accidentally drowning them.

Visit her website: www.giselledraws.com

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