Book Quiz: New Zealand's Heroes and Heroines

August 6, 2018

New Zealand's legends inspire our tamariki to believe that the sky is the limit. How much do you know about these biographies targeted at children and their kiwi connections?




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1. David Hill and Phoebe Morris have paired up on a series of picture book biographies for young children. Which of these historical figures have they not yet featured?

A. Kate Sheppard

B. Edmund Hillary

C. Burt Munro
D. Jean Batten


2. Maria Gill has written several collections of biography stories. Which of these titles is not correct?

A. Anzac Heroes

B. New Zealand Hall of Fame

C. Animal Heroes

D. New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame


3. Which former All Black wrote The Beginners Guide To Rugby?

A. Aaron Cruden

B. Josh Kronfeild

C. John Kirwan

D. Jeff Wilson


4. Which of these authors has not written a book of Maori Myths and Legends for the trade? 

A. Gavin Bishop

B. Glenn Colquhoun

C. Annie Rae Te Ake Ake

D. Chris Szekely

5. High-profile basketballer Steven Adams has a new biography coming out soon. What is David Riley's book featuring him called?

A. Dunkin' with Steven Adams

B. Jammin' with Steven Adams

C. Ballin' with Steven Adams

D. Hoops with Steven Adams


6. There are five other male sporting icons in the same series of books. Who are they?

A. Reiko Ioane, Kieran Read, Richie McCaw, Sonny Bill Williams, Winston Reid

B. Kieran Read, Joe Rocococo, Winston Reid, Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall

C. Richie McCaw, Joseph Parker, Winston Reid, Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall

D. Kieran Read, Joseph Parker, Winston Reid, Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall


7. Whose tale is told in Patricia Grace's book Haka, illustrated by Andrew Burdan? 

A. Te Rauparaha

B. Hongi Hika

C. Te Rangituatea

D. Rerewaka


8. Stacy Gregg has written several books inspired by the lives of real horsewomen. Which was the first in that series?

A. The Princess and the Foal

B. The Diamond Horse

C. The Island of Lost Horses

D. The Girl Who Rode the Wind


9. Who was the ghostwriter of Parris Goebel, Young Queen?

A. Madeleine Chapman

B. Toby Manhire

C. Alex Casey

D. nobody - she wrote it herself


10. NZCYA 2018 Non-fiction finalist Explore! Aotearoa tells the story of many of New Zealand's adventure heroes. Who wrote this book?

A. Bronwen Wall

B. Gavin Bishop

C. Alison Ballance

D. Maria Gill








1. A.Kate Sheppard

2. C. Animal Heroes

3. A. Aaron Cruden

4. D. Chris Szekely

5. B. Jammin' with Steven Adams

6. D. Kieran Read, Joseph Parker, Winston Reid, Sonny Bill Williams, Benji Marshall

7. A. Te Rauparaha

8. A. The Princess and the Foal 

9. C. Alex Casey

10. B. Bronwen Wall









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