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Crafts with Fifi: Make a glowing Jellyfish


I am Jellyfish by Ruth Paul (Puffin) is a charming story about a jellyfish who is driven to the depths of the deep blue ocean by swordfish - while she is there, she works out her true purpose.

Keep your hands and brain busy with glue, tape and scissors – and have crafty fun with Fifi: make a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish for your next under the sea disco.

cover putangitangi walks

1. What you need

what you need teddy

2. Make it glow

3. Make the tentacles

fancy folding

4. Paint your jellyfish

take him for a walk

5. Put it together

6. Turn out the lights

Find out more about I am Jellyfish, by Ruth Paul, and purchase it, here.

Fifi Colston

Fifi Colston

Fifi Colston is a freelancer with fingers in many creative pies. She is a published junior fiction novelist, children’s book illustrator of more than 30 titles, poet and a long standing television presenter of arts and crafts on firstly TVNZ’s What Now and then The Good Morning Show. Fifi is a veteran of Wearable Arts; a finalist and award winner over 21 years with 23 entries in show. She also works in the New Zealand film industry as a costumier, puppet maker and illustrator.

When she has a moment, Fifi visits schools and community groups, inspires budding artists and writers and runs workshops in creative process. You can find her at http://fificolston.blogspot.com.



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