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Crafts with Fifi: Tiny Walnut Tortoises


Never be stuck for something to do! Keep your hands and brain busy with glue, tape and scissors - and have crafty fun with Fifi!

An adult Greek tortoise, like Torty, is around 20cm long. But you can make a mini one from a walnut shell! Torty has some toes missing from her run in with an artillery gun in 1916. Can you see which ones they are?

You will need:

  • Walnut shells (halved and kernels removed) NB These are in-season this month & next, so ought to be available at supermarkets and roadside stalls.

  • Torty template

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors (small ones are best)

  • Felt tipped pens (optional)

1. Print out

Download the template here

Template for larger nuts

Print off the template onto heavy paper or thin card.

2. Colour

Colour in a tortoise, or use a pre-coloured one.

3. Cut & glue

Cut it out and dot glue onto the legs.

4. Stick & flip

Stick the shell to the tortoise and flip it onto its back to dry.

5. Finishing touches

Final product - nut tortoise

When it is completely dry, bend the neck, legs and tail to make the tortoise stand. Pinch the nose a little to give the head shape.

Make a whole bunch! Did you know a group of them is called ‘a creep’ of tortoises?

Print this craft out and save it for later: Here's the PDF, incorporating both templates

Fifi Colston

Fifi Colston

Fifi Colston is a freelancer with fingers in many creative pies. She is a published junior fiction novelist, children’s book illustrator of more than 30 titles, poet and a long standing television presenter of arts and crafts on firstly TVNZ’s What Now and then The Good Morning Show. Fifi is a veteran of Wearable Arts; a finalist and award winner over 21 years with 23 entries in show. She has also works in the New Zealand film industry as a costumier, puppet maker and illustrator.

When she has a moment, Fifi visits schools and community groups, inspires budding artists and writers and runs workshops in creative process. You can find her at http://fificolston.blogspot.com.

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