Resources: Where to find teaching notes and activities for Aotearoa books

There is a multitude of resources available for Aotearoa children’s books and The Sapling has collated as many as we can find all in one handy place! We’ve also included a non-exhaustive list of other places to find non-book-specific resources. There are teaching notes, activity sheets, colouring in pages and more! The majority of resources listed are free for anyone to access, but we have also included a list of book-related resources that can be purchased.

Publisher Resources

Allen & Unwin

Teachers’ Notes: Either scroll through or search the website by title. The download link is one of the buttons under the book cover image, on each book’s individual page. Recent books with resources to check out are The Grimmelings and Ultrawild.

Annual Ink

Teacher Resources: Teacher notes for the Annuals and others.

Bridget Williams Books

For Teachers: Teacher notes for non-fiction texts suitable for secondary students, e.g. Te Tiriti o Waitangi | The Treaty of Waitangi 1840, He Whakaputanga | The Declaration of Independence 1835, and a selection of the shortform BWB Texts.

Clean Slate Press

The Joy Cowley Plays Free Teacher’s Notes: What it says on the box—teacher notes for nine different plays by Joy Cowley.

Dragon Brothers Books

Resources: Includes a link to Dropbox where you can download teaching resources for the Dragon Defenders books.

EK Books

Teacher Notes & Resources: Listed alphabetically (or by age) and not only NZ titles, but you can find notes for Mitchell Itches and Tree Beings.

Gecko Press

Teaching Notes and Activity Sheets for NZ and non-NZ titles.

Hachette NZ

Teacher’s Resources: Resources are divided into NZ books and year levels (which also include Aotearoa titles)


Teachers’ Hub—Classroom Resources: These are divided into Early Years, Primary, Middle Grade and Secondary. The easiest way way here is probably to search by author or title, e.g. Stacy Gregg. The books that have associated resources have a green circle denoting ‘Resource Available’.


Resources: Includes teachers’ notes for specific titles and links to Ministry of Education resources.

Illustrated Publishing

Kuwi & Friends Freebies: Activity sheets, colouring, posters, and more

Mākaro Press

Resources for Teachers

OneTree House

Teacher Notes: Notes include synopses, themes, and suggestions by chapter sections.


Teacher resources: Including the NZ Series and Nanny Mihi, among others.

Penguin Random House NZ

Teachers’ Notes: Separated by primary and secondary teacher notes, as well as book lists and at-home activity packs.

Potton & Burton

We couldn’t find a dedicated page for resources but they can be found when selecting individual titles. Pick a book, such as one of Ned Barraud and Gillian Candler’s explore & discover series, find the ‘About the author’ tab underneath the cover image, and click the link for “Read about for ideas for children, parents and teachers…”. There is also a lovely set of Teacher’s Notes for The New Zealand Seashore Guide which is not specifically a children’s book but a useful guide for the whole family.

Scholastic NZ

Teacher Notes: An A-Z list of all their Aotearoa children’s titles which have accompanying teacher notes. They include a synopsis of the book, author and illustrator biographies, questions for comprehension and discussion, and activities to do.

Teacher Toolkit: These are (mostly) not connected to specific books but are a collection of resources such as templates and activities, divided into sections for lower, middle and upper primary.

The CopyPress

Teaching Resources

The Cuba Press

Teaching Notes

Walker Books

Education Resources: A collection of resources for their children’s titles (not all from Aotearoa). The easiest way to find a specific book is searching by title, for instance Sandra Morris’s North & South or Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock’s Fast, Slow. Let’s Go!

Wildling Books

Downloads: A selection of posters, worksheets and colouring sheets.

Other NZ Book Resources and Lists

$ NZ Book Resources for Purchase $

  • Drama NZ has units based on Aotearoa texts that incorporate drama into literacy and other areas. (Members of Drama NZ can also access additional drama resources). More units are in the process of being developed.

A Non-exhaustive List of Other (Free) Teaching and Classroom Resources (not specifically related to books)